When Manhattanites see the words “outdoor space” on a residential listing, their eyes light up in anticipation. Their minds drift to visions of sprawling terraces built for sun-soaking, dinner-party mingling, and skyline gazing. The unfortunate reality, however, is that Manhattan residences rarely include outdoor spaces that live up to these lofty expectations.

But the Upper East Side condos for sale at 180 East 88th are set to exceed even the most fantastical visions of what private outdoor space in NYC can be. The Kolumba-brick stunner will feature residences with truly remarkable terraces — expansive and luxurious outdoor regions with jaw-dropping views in all directions.

The terrace at the 180 East 88th Penthouse, for example, is something out of a storybook — massive brick arches border the expansive space and rise to the building’s summit, adding a luminous sense of grandeur. The views extend for miles over the sprawling greenery of Central Park, as well as the Hudson River, East River, and Downtown Manhattan. Most of New York’s icons are visible and the view is simply one of a kind. And, with glass railings ensuring that there is minimal obstruction, seemingly every inch of the city is beneath you.

As the weather warms, the city blooms — and suddenly, everyone is outside. For most New Yorkers, this means visiting parks, rooftop restaurants, and botanical gardens. While these excursions are wonderful and are part of what makes NYC so appealing, the terraces at 180 East 88th put the sun and the breeze right at your fingertips. You can enjoy a morning coffee or a midafternoon workout on a crisp day, relax with a book under natural and warming sunlight, sunbathe, host an alfresco dinner party, or indulge in a nightcap in the night air simply by opening the terrace door and strolling outside. This is a luxury that cannot be overstated. Space is at a premium in New York, and outdoor space is at an ultra premium.

Fortunate residents of 180 East 88th can BBQ right on their terrace or whip something up in the kitchen and enjoy it in private under the stars — a candlelit dinner overlooking the city.

The possibilities are endless, and the sun awaits. This is the outdoor space of New Yorkers’ dreams.

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