With world-class museums, upscale restaurants, and famous boutiques, the Upper East Side evokes an old-school opulence with a modern flair. But the neighborhood isn’t just a must-visit destination for food lovers and fashionistas; it’s also a locale where brilliant architecture reigns supreme.

It’s a challenge to make an impression in a neighborhood filled with this energy and such iconic landmarks as the Met, Guggenheim, and the verdant Central Park. But the new Upper East Side condos at 180 East 88th have managed to do just that. Lovers of refined architecture and hard-to-please critics laud these Carnegie Hill condos for their contemporary yet classic design, evident everywhere from exterior brickwork to kitchen hardware.

From the outside-in, the luxury lifestyle magazine the Robb Report highlights the 594,443 handcrafted Petersen Tegl bricks used for the exterior, noting that only a “handful” of architects are “going back to the basics, using handmade brick and textured stone to mirror classic buildings from bygone days.” While adding an elegant touch, the gray bricks also serve as a contrast to the all-glass buildings that are de rigueur in NYC. And this masonry means that 180 East 88th blends seamlessly with the neighborhood’s townhouse-lined streets.

Architecture and design writers often bring up 180 East 88th’s sumptuous interior, too. In particular, artist Jan Hooss, whose work is featured in the lobby, gets a mention from Philip Stevens of Designboom, who sees the continuity of Hooss’s curving installation work as an homage to a classic Upper East Side design medium: stucco. Meanwhile, Luxury Listings characterizes 180 East 88th’s amenities, such as the soccer pitch and basketball court, lounge, wine room, and fitness center, as a reason you’ll “never want to leave” the building.

In a detailed piece, the beloved design magazine Domino breaks down the kitchens in the condo units themselves, specifically remarking on the surprising but completely chic brass hood on the oven. Other publications, like the Robb Report, detail the “incredible” 28-feet ceilings.

It’s not just the building that is getting good reviews from the press. New York Lifestyles Magazine gives credit to the company behind this singular building, claiming that DDG has “done it again.” Meanwhile, Interior Design gives a nod to DDG for their adroit balance of design and development, encapsulating the international scope of 180 East 88th in one sentence: “While the handmade bricks for the exterior are imported from Denmark, and the oversize windows are Italian, the views are genuine New York.”

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