The 180 East 88th condos are more than merely a place to live; they’re somewhere to live out your dreams.

While the apartments themselves offer a refined twist on contemporary — and some of the best views across the Upper East Side — the amenities provide their own luxury entertainment for residents. And while you’re bound to find yourself sipping a vintage vino in the temperature-controlled Wine Room every now and then, another great way to relax and unwind is to take advantage of the state-of-the-art fitness facilities. Put down the Malbec for a moment, slip into some sneakers, and join us on a tour.

Shoot hoops or get into soccer
We won’t argue with you; watching basketball on TV does wonders for a post-work chillout. But here’s another way: shooting hoops on a private basketball court. Practice your free shots and slam dunks to your heart’s content on 180 East 88th’s high-ceilinged Partial Basketball Court (and don’t worry about bringing a ball — there’s a whole rack of them). There’s room enough to invite a few friends along, too, and turn things competitive. The other half of the pitch is for an altogether different game; try your hand — or should that be foot? — at soccer on the artificial grass. Hone your penalty kicks (and secretly imagine you’re playing in the World Cup finals). Whether you relate more to LeBron James or David Beckham, this room might just become your favorite in the entire complex.

Finesse the fitness and yoga studio
In the Fitness Studio, basketballs make way for medicine balls. Work yourself into shape with the aid of a personal trainer or go it alone — by putting on your favorite jams and covering a few miles on the treadmills. If it’s a softer approach to exercise you’re after, make use of the Yoga Studio and work on improving your sphinx pose and downward dog.

Work the Game Room
The fitness amenities at 180 East 88th don’t quite stop there; this Upper East Side condominium also comes fitted with a Game Room. Stylishly furnished with a white oak floor and framed black and white prints, here is the ideal place to challenge your partner to a match or two of tennis… table tennis, that is. After all, sometimes you want to accompany your sporting endeavors with a nice glass of Syrah.

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