The holidays are almost here, bringing with them a joyful whirlwind of get-togethers, from family dinners and cocktail parties to snowy excursions with friends. Although this time of year is full of cheer, the holiday season can also present a fair share of stress. With endless waves of shopping, traveling, and planning, we certainly earn our holiday spirit.

Luckily for residents at 180 East 88th’s Carnegie Hill luxury condos, making time for relaxation is as easy as walking down the street. With two of the city’s finest spas within a few blocks of your Upper East Side luxury home, you can squeeze in some self-care between your errands or take the whole day for yourself. So, set down your shopping list and cancel (or postpone) your lunch plans; rejuvenation awaits.

Red & White Spa
1459 Third Avenue, Third Floor
Slipping into Red & White Spa’s location on the Upper East Side, you may wonder whether the posh space is named for the accent colors brightly adorning the rooms. That is, however, until the receptionist poses an important question: red or white? She’s referring to wine, of course, and a complimentary glass is a pretty good way to start an appointment. There are a variety of massages available that promise to drive out even the worst case of the winter blues, including the Swedish Couples Massage with Hot Stone Therapy and the Reflexology and Scalp Massage. There’s even something for those of us who are extremely picky — the Your Way Massage. The motto here is “ladies and gentlemen serving ladies and gentlemen,” and beyond helping the local clientele with their relaxation needs, a percentage of every dollar spent goes to people in developing nations through a program called Ten Million Meals, which was founded by the spa’s owner. If you’re en route to a holiday party, swing in for the Go & Glow facial. Thirty minutes later, you’ll emerge looking bright and refreshed, with the secret knowledge that you treated yourself while helping someone else in need.


Deep Blue Med Spa
1111 Park Avenue, #1G
Deep Blue Med Spa calls itself a “modern day fountain of youth,” and we think they’ve earned the description. The list of services here is comprehensive, going far beyond your typical day spa. There’s everything from spider vein removal therapy to laser skin resurfacing, along with at least ten different varieties of facials. Perhaps the reason the spa can offer such a hi-tech and innovative litany of services is the fact that it’s overseen by real surgeons that belong to the prestigious Long Island Plastic Surgical Group. One intriguing option offered currently is the Platelet Rich Plasma Facial, a treatment that uses your own blood to rejuvenate your skin. Before you run for the door, fear not: the blood is taken from your arm and separated in a centrifuge, yielding the damage-repairing, platelet-rich plasma. This plasma is then returned to your face, where it can get to work.

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