Located at 12 East 94th Street, Salon 94 fits in perfectly with the artistic pedigree of Manhattan’s Carnegie Hill neighborhood. Not far from the stretch of street known as Museum Mile, Salon 94 is one of the Upper East Side’s most exclusive galleries. Founded by Jeanne Greenberg Rohatyn, the daughter of a respected art dealer from St. Louis, Salon 94 regularly hosts groundbreaking exhibits, with names like David Adjaye and Amy Bessone topping the list of recent presenting artists. She prefers working closely with her exhibitors, showing a strong interest in utilizing materials or styles that are rare or dwindling. Painters, photographers, furniture designers, and masters of other mediums have all found temporary homes for their works at Salon 94 before going on to be featured in national museums and homes of the rich and famous. Residents of the nearby 180 East 88th Street condos will find a number of rare and unique pieces with which to fill their spacious luxury homes.

Potential buyers are accepted by appointment only, so calling ahead is a necessity if you wish to peruse any of the gallery’s rotating collections. However, an opportunity to view, or ultimately purchase, handcrafted works from some of the world’s most celebrated contemporary artists is well worth the extra effort.

Those seeking one-of-a-kind furniture pieces will find their perfect match at Salon 94, thanks to regular exhibitors like Swiss design team Sarah Kueng and Lovis Caputo, who have presented a number of their highly sought-after benches and stools at the gallery, and whose hand-painted leather bowls have also caused quite a stir while on display. Chilean designer Sebastian Errazuriz has also brought his compelling lighting fixtures, handmade cabinetry, benches, and chairs to the Upper East Side gallery. “The audience at the end of the day never sees the process. It seems so simple,” Rohatyn told Introspective Magazine regarding the time and energy that goes into the production of each piece of furniture she exhibits at Salon 94. “You should see the blueprints they produce in the studio just to make a cabinet. It’s not an overnight process.”

Creative minds like Martino Gamper are known not only for developing mass-produced designs that have been sold internationally through furniture retailers, but for recycling the unwanted and revealing new creations to New York’s art crowd. This resourceful artist utilizes found objects to craft new masterpieces, as he did in his “100 Chairs in 100 Days and its 100 Ways” project. Gamper spent over two years collecting discarded chairs from London streets and the homes of his friends before conceiving and constructing 100 new chair designs—a different one every day, to be exact. The recycling of found objects was also a central theme of a Salon 94 exhibit that featured retrieved chairs that had been created by Carlo Mollino, another artist whose designs Rohatyn has championed during her time as a gallery owner.

Fans of sculpture will enjoy the colorful works of Swedish-Chilean artist Anton Alvarez, whose polyester thread, plywood, fabric and, PVA glue-encrusted figures add a touch of mystique to any upscale home. Taller pieces contribute a splash of excitement to rooms with soaring ceiling heights, a coveted feature of the condominiums and duplexes available at 180 East 88th Street.

For more information on the artists featured at Salon 94, visit www.Salon94.com or call (646) 672-9212 to make an appointment.

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