Ever since the first intrepid human took a nip of fermented grape juice, we’ve been enjoying wine to lift spirits and elevate occasions. Whether you crave a cabernet or require rioja, the residences at 180 East 88th Street condos are the ideal home for any oenophile. Not only are the apartments situated on the Upper East Side near fine wine stores like Mr. Wright Fine Wines & Spirits, but residents of these luxury Upper East Side condos can store their favorite vintages and varietals in a private wine storage and tasting room in the building—an almost unheard-of amenity.

Wine lovers will also appreciate the myriad wine bar options in the neighborhood. Intimate wine bars have become increasingly popular in New York City, and the UES is at the forefront of the trend with these incredible spots:

1742 Wine Bar
1742 Second Avenue
Soft candlelight, cozy seating, and a great playlist that ranges from Rossini to Ray Charles create romantic ambience for a first date or a 50-year anniversary. At 1742 Wine Bar, the wine list is just as eclectic as the music selections and includes a cabernet from Washington State and a sauvignon blanc from South Africa. The rustic charm of the decor is reflected in its menu by simple dishes like pizza and gnocchi with a creamy vodka sauce.

Kaia Wine Bar
1614 Third Avenue
Get a taste of Cape Town and feel like you’re in your own chic “kaia”—which means “hut” in Zulu—at this cozy New World wine-inspired boîte on Third Avenue. With a sleek, modern design and an always-delicious seasonal menu, it’s no wonder that Kaia was called “tops among the city’s wine bars” by the Daily News. It’s also no surprise that Kaia is a second home for South African expats hungry for the flavors of the Southern Hemisphere. In a small kitchen, the chef serves up traditional South African cuisine like bobotie, a version of a meat pie spiced to perfection and topped with a silky egg custard.

1483 Second Avenue
With elegant patrons sipping at the bar and candles reflecting off the terracotta-colored walls, a night at Vero is like living in a Fellini film. But this is no cinematic fantasia; it’s a wine and panini bar just minutes from your apartment. A bright, effervescent glass of Italian prosecco is the right choice after eating salty grilled prosciutto sandwiches. And since there are over 48 bottles of wine available, you’re lucky that you don’t need to ride your Vespa through the streets of Rome to get back home.

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